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Something of Lasting Beauty

Andrew was commissioned to create dance elements for KQED's Bay Curious National AIDS Memorial Walking Tour. Those dance sections are called Something of Lasting Beauty. 

Vanessa, Maggie, James, Emma, Rupert, and Helena are genteel characters who suffer from disillusionment and tragic entanglements

This piece is an homage to the works of E.M. Forster as told through the films of Merchant/Ivory, with reflections on class, race and gender that reflect today but from 100 years ago. Not much has shifted.

Rob & Diane

The imagined relationship of my parents pre-my birth.  Jesus freaks surrounded by the late 70’s Los Angeles, martyrdom, and disco.

Kiss Me While I Sleep

An indulgent, fuchsia-filled fever dream fantasy, where nothing is quite within grasp. One thought slips through one’s fingers as the next one hits like a crashing wave.

Sympathy for a Slacker

A hard look at the worst qualities of myself but with a glitter curtain, and blue denim, while Maria von Trapp lurks throughout.

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